Does your restaurant need a vegan consultant?

I wouldn’t expect you to risk money on your business without knowing it will be worth it.

Answer the questions below to find out if a vegan consultant will benefit your restaurant. No matter your answers, I encourage you to at least set up a free 45 minute consultation to learn more and dig a little deeper. Email me at jessika [at]

  1. Have you had customers ask if you have vegan or vegetarian options? If yes, there’s demand! If no, maybe your restaurant is so unappealing to vegetarians and vegans that they don’t bother going. The latter is possible even if you have veg options – maybe you’ve missed the mark on advertising the options.
  2. Do you already know you want to offer more vegetarian and vegan fare, but aren’t sure where to start? Many restaurant owners see the growing demand for plant-based foods, but if this is a new area for you, a little help can go a long way.
  3. Do your veg options require substitutions and leaving out ingredients? If yes, you’re missing out on customers who want a more flavorful, intentional meal.
  4. Have you never had a veg meetup group dine at your restaurant? Yes this is a thing. Veg groups (Like VegIU and BloomingVeg) love to dine out as groups. If you only have one option they probably won’t come to your restaurant – what’s the fun in that?
  5. Maybe you have options… is that information clear through your website or social media? Diners (veg or not) like the path of least resistance. If your menu isn’t on your website, or you don’t appear to be veg-friendly, individuals and groups might skip your restaurant altogether.
  6. Does your restaurant pass the “Vegan Veto” test? Say a group of five people want to go out to dinner, one is a vegetarian and one is a vegan. They’re going to suggest restaurants that have something tasty and unique for them. The other three in the group don’t want to watch their friends eat a limp salad, so they’ll go with the recommendations from the veg*n friends, the “vegan veto“.
  7. Will a vegan customer have to play a game of 20 Questions with the server? This is when clear menu labeling is key. Vegans really don’t want to be trouble, and might have a more boring meal because they don’t want to bug the server and kitchen in a busy restaurant. That means they might not come back if their meal wasn’t worth it.
  8. Are your options better than what can be cooked at home? I can easily, and cheaply, put together a brown rice, black bean, and spinach bowl at home. Why should a vegan or vegetarian spend the time and money at your restaurant? Just like with your non-veg customers, your food needs to be worth it.

These are just a few of the factors involved in making a restaurant veg-friendly. And even if your restaurant is incredibly veg-friendly, you might not be taking full advantage of the marketing opportunities to get new customers in the door.