The Striking Similarities Between Carnists and Religious Fundamentalists

I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with religious fundamentalists. In part because of where I live, and because I’ve been involved in the secular movement since 2009; religious fundamentalism catches your attention more when you’re immersed in the world of protecting religious freedom. Now that I’m vegan, suddenly carnists want to tell me about… Read More

Food as Expression

I don’t really think of myself as an artist. I don’t think of myself as very creative. But the reasons I don’t think of myself as artistic or creative is because I have been stuck thinking about creativity as strictly painting, sculpting, writing music, writing stories… I can’t do any of those things well (in… Read More


Here is a list of the types of information you will find at Transportation! Related specifically to bicycles and public transportation Food! Everything from personal recipes to local and global food issues Sustainability! If we kill all the humans, we can save the forest… Sex and gender issues in the U.S. and abroad Issues… Read More