Gravy: The Nectar of Life

 I’m a firm believer that gravy is a food group necessary in every diet. Being from Indiana, I grew up with many meals covered in gravy. It makes me feel at home. I always loved waking up on weekend mornings to the smell of biscuits and gravy 

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Spring is here! That means flowers are blooming – some of which are edible. In my hometown there is an outdoor Saturday farmers’ market from March – November. Due to high demand, in the middle of summer there is also a Tuesday market. Today was the first day of the Tuesday market, I had to visit!

The Striking Similarities Between Carnists and Religious Fundamentalists

I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with religious fundamentalists. In part because of where I live, and because I’ve been involved in the secular movement since 2009; religious fundamentalism catches your attention more when you’re immersed in the world of protecting religious freedom. Now that I’m vegan, suddenly carnists want to tell me about… Read More

Mexican Feast

I decided to make Mexican hot chocolate cookies. I have no idea where this craving came from, but I’m glad it happened! I browsed the internet for recipes and knew that the one at Post Punk Kitchen would be the best. I had just made the rosemary chocolate chip cookies [pictured] from PPK for Thanksgiving,… Read More

TED Radio Hour

When I work at my second job, I usually listen to TED Radio Hour. It’s a great way to have something going in my ears that isn’t totally mindless, but doesn’t require so much attention that it would be problematic if I stop listening for a moment because something at work is requiring extra attention.