An Introduction to Vegan Meal Planning

If you’re looking for a how-to guide for meal planning, chances are you’re not a fan of meal planning, but understand that it could make your life a little easier. I absolutely love meal planning! And basically every other type of planning that exists. I know that I am not in the majority in this… Read More

Vegan Menu Labeling: an easy way to get new customers in the door

I intended to write a post detailing the world of benefits that come from clear vegan menu labeling (and vegetarian!)…however, while doing research I stumbled across this post that does such a great job of storytelling on the issue that I want to share. Please check out the original at I’ve included a small excerpt below.

Short Story

Hello. Here’s a short story I wrote in high school (probably 2008 or 2009).   The Missing Soul: A Story of Barack Obama Within the cave of Harsh Interrogation (NOT torture), around a kindling fire and the Magical Puddle of Petroleum, the Maverick Force Five – consisting of Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah… Read More

Coconut Strawberry Basil Sherbet

This recipe has the refreshing qualities of an icy sorbet, and the creaminess of ice cream – making it sort of like sherbet! I made it with the intention of making ice cream, but really there’s not enough creamy fatness in the ingredients I used to be “ice cream”. I’ve heard that people use bananas,… Read More

Coconut Curry Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These cookies are like regular chocolate chip cookies, but for Adults™! I modeled this recipe off Isa Chandra’s Rosemary Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I highly recommend trying. I’ve made several variations of this recipe, and loved them all.

Tofu “BK Chicken Fries”

When I was in high school, during band camp lunch breaks my friends and I walked over to Burger King. After realizing the salads had as many calories as anything else on the menu, I just ate “chicken fries” every day. Chicken fries are a very strange “food” item which are basically what they sound… Read More